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!Nara Body oil

Art no: NA001


170,00 kr

The !Nara body oil is a product of different rich natural oils. The coconut oil and the lavender oil in the !Nara oil, for example, will help break up scar tissues and allow the skin to remodel. Sunburns, pigmented skin tissues, and skin impurities like black heads, pimples, and undesired inflammation, are some of the skin defects that can easily be eliminated by the !Nara body oil.

The application of the oil is easy and versatile. It can be messaged in the skin, and/or used as a bathwater additive.  The oil is easily immersed in your skin leaving no greasy feeling on the skin. 


Desert Blossom Reed Diffuser

Art no: DS001


340,00 kr

Enjoy the invigorating scents from this spectacular desert celebration with these unique reed diffusers. The fragrance, made from 100% pure essential oils, is gentle to the nose, adding beautiful and subtle floral scents to the home.

The Reed Diffuser comes in a 100 ml round glass bottle filled with 70 ml of diffuser liquid with (10) ten reeds. It is packed in a reusable carton cylinder sealed on both ends.

Complement the fragrant enchantment from our Reed Diffuser in your home with our Desert Blossom Hand Wash and Desert Blossom Hand Lotion.


Desert Blossom Hand Wash

Art no: DS002


150,00 kr

Let the subtle and lovely scents from the Desert Blossom Hand Wash transport you to the desert where gentle winds satisfy your senses with feelings of peaceful well-being and joyful renewal.

Directions for use: Liberally dispense soap into wet palm, rub with a rich lather, then rinse with water.

Stay in the moment by applying our Desert Blossom Hand Lotion after wash, and step into a room scented with our Desert Blossom Reed Diffuser.

Desert Blossom Hand Lotion

Art no: DS003


150,00 kr

Let the natural moisturising properties of the Marura, enhanced with the alluring Desert Blossom scent, seep into the skin to provide nourishment and a deep sense of serenity. Experience the Namib desert feeling without leaving your space.

For enhanced results, wash hands with our Desert Blossom Hand Wash, apply the Desert Blossom Hand Lotion, and then step into a room scented with our Desert Blossom Reed Diffuser.

Desert Secrets Rich Body Cream

Art no: DS004


240,00 kr

The star component of this generous body cream is Ximenia oil, cold-pressed from the kernels of the wild plum tree, selected for its anti-aging properties and ability to improve skin elasticity. Ideal for dry skin (and skin prone to the effects of aging), the Ximenia oil provides the thick consistency and quality of the cream, penetrating easily while leaving the skin with a satin smooth touch.

Ingredients are from organic farming, 98,5 % from total ingredients are from natural origin.

Mbiri body lotion

Art no: MB001


241,00 kr

Ingredients in the Mbiri body lotions are selected to eliminate skin dehydration. The fatty acids, and the antioxidants in the Marura oil, for example, are best for skin hydration, while the high levels of phytosterol and the omega-6 in the Kalahari melon seeds allow a replenishment of lost moisture in the skin. Pooled together in this natural, non-greasy, all body lotion will soothe your skin, leaving it feeling and smelling fulfilled.

Wash your skin with Mbiri wash for enhanced results.

Mbiri body wash

Art no: MB002


227,00 kr

The ingredients in the Mbiri body wash are selected not only for cleansing the skin but for tackling many skin challenges also. The fatty acids and the antioxidants in most of the incorporated oils will moisturise the skin hence extracting and exposing the undesired skin defects which then get washed off when rinsing. The foaming agents are eco-friendly extracted from the Namibian Myrrh and fresh citrus essential oils.

Message the skin with the Mbiri Body lotion for enhanced results

Nourishing Mbiri Lip Butter

Art no: MB003


180,00 kr

The Nourishing Mbiri Lip Butter is a 100% natural and vegan lip moisturiser. The carnauba wax, the Kalahari Melon Seed oil, the Marula oil, and the baobab oil; all Namibian botanicals, are incorporated in the Nourishing Mbiri Lip Butter to give lips not just a soft, non-greasy and moisturised feeling but protection as well.

Solid Perfume

Art no: SP001


300,00 kr

The alluring scent of the Namib myrrh in this perfectly expressed solid perfume will bring you closer to the ancient soulfulness of the Namib Desert. The Solid Perfume has a natural nourishing wax imbued with selected essential oils that respond to your body heat, creating an attractively and uniquely individual scent.